You like an item in our shop, you enter your text or upload your picture, go to the checkout and pay.

As soon as we're done, we'll send it to you.

Wherever necessary, we disinfect again before shipping.

The colors are usually scratch and dishwasher safe. (Although there are also very caustic detergent tabs)

COLOURS _ _ _ _

We print with CMYK and white, which means we can produce 1.3 million colors, but we can only approximate spot colors. We print white as a surface on dark objects, which can flash out and is technically unavoidable.

If you do not want white as a full area, but only under precisely defined elements, then you must create a page with any 100% color as a vector file and send it to us. If you deliberately do not want white under prints on dark products in order to create a certain effect, then please let us know.


File Defaults

You can send us images and text in all common file formats:

TIFF, .png, PDF, ...

The better the resolution, the better the result, send at least 150 dpi.

The amount of data should not exceed 10 MB.

The colors can be RGB, CMYK, black or white.

Text or logos must be available as vector data, it is best to convert text to curves.

We work very carefully to meet your wishes. We prefer to take a little more time to implement your wishes. What we do is loving manual work, we are not a factory.


We manufacture individual pieces for e.g. pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, jewelry, agencies, packaging, etc. and large series in offset + digital + toner + ink + UV printing and have a professional bookbinding and finishing workshop. For us, the most complex packaging is not rocket science and we can also handle demanding shipping. This cannot be displayed via the shop. We are ISO 9001 certified and offer 100% climate-neutral production free of charge.

Please send an email to: or call: 01525 393 49 02

How does itpieces work?

We can print a text, logo or image on almost any non-absorbent material. This works for flat and round objects. The materials are: glass, plastic, wood, metal, wax, PVC, linoleum, stone and any other smooth, non-absorbent material.