Notizbuch Hochformat - itpieces
Notizbuch Hochformat - itpieces
Notizbuch Hochformat - itpieces

Notebook portrait

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Set of 2 notebook wire binding Din A6, Din long, Din A5 or Din A4 portrait format

Our notebook from our own production, so there are no limits to the variations. We offer notebooks in unusual formats and in many configurations.

For the content pages, we have currently decided on a uniform design with indicated dots and white paper, which we believe meets all needs.

Take a look around the shop, we manufacture in the standard 100x100mm, 105x148mm, 148x105mm, 148x210mm, 210x148mm, 200x200mm, 210x297mm, 297x210mm, 300x300mm and on request any desired format, as a single item or in larger quantities.

We are also happy to produce on recycled paper or colored varieties. After all, why are we a printing company? Just get in touch with us, we look forward to seeing you: or 030 700 792 40

Turn it into your itpiece with your design.